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Select Language Through API Comman

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Guys I love your products, I have X-Spinner and Spinnerchief from the day they were available for sale. I supported you guys throughout forums like Blackhatworld and other public forums and groups as much as possible. You have created great products there, but there is one thing that really bothers me with both Spinnerchief and X-Spinner. So I would like to ask you:

Can you please create a new variable in your API in both Spinnerchief and X-Spinner so we would be able to select language through the API? This is vitally important. For example right now we need to login into the panel (for spinnerchief) or stop X-Spinner just to select a different language. This means that only one language can be spinned at one time. So you have to manually select the language to be spinned beforehand, which is really inconvenient especially in a time with many applications and automation.

So please I beg of you for the love of god, add another command in your API to be able to control language, it would be SO BENEFICIAL for everyone!

2017/02/19 21:15:23
Hi, very thanks for your support and suggestion, we will take your suggestion into consideration, if we can make it done, we will update it asap. Thanks again.

Have a nice day!!!
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