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Aprilcaicai 2015/12/14 04:34:36 3 0
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digimarkblr 2021/07/06 15:04:32 0 0
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zhoucongcq 2014/12/30 10:00:09 0 0
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aihscollege 2021/07/07 02:50:55 0 0
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vivien-gaillard 2021/08/16 06:16:22 0 0
Hello i recently bought your Spinner Chief 6 tool and want to combine it with Content Bomb.Is it a good idea ? Should work in perfect automation ?Almost is it possible to buy it via paypal please ?Best regards,VG
aihscollege 2021/07/07 02:51:42 0 0
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abbsedu 2021/07/07 01:27:54 0 0
Abbs is one of the best b com colleges in Bangalore . ABBS B.Com program curriculum has been suitably reformed to meet the challenging needs of the Indian Corporates
abbsedu 2021/07/07 01:26:51 0 0
The Master of Commerce(MCom) by one of the top MCom colleges in Bangalore will provide a solid foundation for graduate careers in the challenging &rewarding world of business
digimarkblr 2021/07/06 15:02:51 0 0
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treicadani 2020/07/07 01:48:21 0 0
Hello,I purchased a SpinnerChief 6 Ultimate licence but i opened ContentBomb i've input my details and SpinnerChief licence information but when the app starts a message comes up saying "This version can't use all functions of contentbomb because it is just free for SpinnerChief users..." when i start it as standalone if i start contentbomb via the whiteboxapp a different error comes up saying "There maybe a network problem with our server from your...
Nikolay Yudaev 2020/05/08 23:10:59 0 0
Hello,please advise whether I able to open and create content via free version or I have to buy payment one. I have issue with free version as it is not open up with following pop-up message:...
discuzx 2016/04/08 08:51:29 0 0
Operating System:Windows 7Operating System Bit:32bitSoftware Version:1.04Hi, I ran a task to download 100 articles, after that the software shows me "Can't find results any more" no matter what keywords I use. Is there any limitation?I am using v1.04 and the SpinnerChief special version.
piden-Denmark 2019/12/26 18:15:43 0 0
Hey. I just bought Spinner Chief 6 Ultimate Version with the "Buy now to get ContentBomb as Bonus"How do i download ContentBomb?...
fulanolive 2019/07/11 17:44:07 1 0
What can I do to use your software ???...
RUBEN0007 2019/04/01 17:12:02 0 0
hi i have just buy content bomb , and impossible to scrape   online contect and google alertthe software seem ghost  ( see my 2 screenshots)1- 8 GOOGLE ALERT ARE ON THE MAILBOX but they are not scrap2- online content on buzze by example video dont scrap any results with same error message : "get search results failed"can you confirm me this function is ok or i think request  refund will be necessary.....
jmobile1992 2018/11/08 19:46:54 0 0
Hello, I already purchased SpinnerChief Elite version and have limited Content bomb functionalities. However, I want to purchase Content Bomb with full functionalities but I'm confused if it has the functionalities I listed above.
sculpergr 2018/08/15 23:57:30 0 0
Hello,I would like to know if with this program can extract data from https://healthatlas.gov.gr/HealthCare/#!/  site????If i can tell me the settings please!
rafael 2015/05/12 01:22:17 0 0
I set up the task it seem complete but nothing is being posted.I`m runing wordpress in both sites!please help
WhiteHatBox 2015/01/02 00:12:14 0 0
1. Please download WhiteHatBox App software at http://download.whitehatbox.com/whitehatboxsetup.exe...
ddon7650 2016/07/12 10:13:18 0 0
I try to use ContentBomb for submit content to my Blogger but when I select module PostBlogger.dat it ask for a password. Can you share a password for PostBlogger module or share a new one without password?Thanks 
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