SEO? Do We Really Know?

anthony jupiter | 2016-09-02 03:18:29

Since SEO can start without much knowledge, a webmaster can optimize your site for a number of SEO direction, and now there are too many SEO online tutorial, there are a lot of so-called experts. But the owners themselves whether they have a clear understanding of it? We do not have our own professional team, there is no technical advisers, experts can only refer to the online way to do SEO optimization, we do not know why, and in the end doing this can bring our website much benefit? In fact most of us follow trends to do some optimization may have been ineffective.

Why is there such a situation? Partly because many others, and they say how do we follow trends. However, webmasters have forgotten that the things that suit for others may not suit for us. what we do everything for? Do you follow what others say, we'll do what they do? We do everything in order to do somthing for the search engines, so why not spend a little time to get to know some of the rules of search engine?

I think most owners did not seriously study the rules for each search engine, or updated content. In short, others say google updated on new algorithms, we should do so now. OK then. We will do so. Remember, optimize your site Why do not you go look at it? Why must follow other's step?

Talk about my own case, when I started doing SEO is like this, people say how to do I will do what they do, people say backlink is very important, I send backlinks everywhere, in fact, I could not even know what is the backlink? What is the useage I did not get to know, just in the major forums, send the backlinks of our websites. Then someone said, the quality of the backlink is the most important. But then I do not know what the quality backlink It is also how to send it? Some people say the original article is the most important, so I began to write original articles of the brains. Original article is very important, but we have to write their own original articles may be little effect at all. If your site well recorded by google, it is fairly original article, if bad? Before your website recorded others copy it, it is not the original article.  So most of the time may have been wasted effort.

 In summary, we spent most of the time to follow the trend of the above, and understand the rules, So most of the time doing useless work. So here I want to draw attention to several points: one: SEO for us is a tool that does go smoothly along with it due to we use it properly,  Two: We want to know more then you want to know why, why do we do this, we have to do any good, only to master the way to know ourselves, know yourself. Three: Do not neglect the study of the search engine itself, because we serve it, we must understand its mettle. Responsible, if we are so haste, that the consequences serious.