The Advantages and Disadvantages of SEO

anthony jupiter | 2016-12-09 05:22:10

(A) Advantages 1, engine-take-all: SEO website is the biggest advantage of there is no independence of the engine , even if you only need to optimize for Bing, but the result is Google, Yahoo or other search engines, ranking will be correspondingly improved, Will be virtually to bring you more effective visitors. 2, Do not worry about competitors, malicious clicks: it is a natural ranking, will not pay per click, no matter how your competitors point, will not give you a penny. 3, the stability of strong: If you use your regular optimization techniques for the site SEO, as long as the maintenance properly, the stability of the ranking is very strong, does not occur ups and downs.

(B) shortcomings 1, slow effect: the effect of Web site SEO generally take a long time to show up, the general keywords need about 2-3 months time, industry hot keywords will need 4-6 months or even more For a long time, it is recommended that companies can sell off-season site SEO work to the sales season is basically stable when the rankings. 2, a limited number of optimization keywords: If you do a website SEO website, there are up to no more than 3 keywords, therefore, to optimize a few different products, keywords, need to see a few or even dozens of sites, respectively, select different keywords To optimize.