SEO Optimization Responsibilities:

anthony jupiter | 2016-11-25 06:01:25
A, Master the basic rankings of search engines led by Google law and search engine optimization; to optimize on page optimization and off page optimization; and familiar with a variety of SEO promotion tools; 2, monitoring site keyword ranking changes, Monitoring and research competitors and other sites related practices, and develop strategies and programs to optimize the company's Web site, and maintain the site keyword ranking; 3, the use of optimization tools in the forum, classified information, professional portal, blog, podcasts, microblogging, video Website and other third-party website promotion, increase traffic and visibility of the site; 4, a strong sense of innovation, a better knowledge sharing awareness, a good team spirit, to help the site editor to increase article inclusion and ranking ; 5, to complete the company, departmental leaders assigned to other matters.
B, Responsible for the natural flow of search engines to the site, planning the site seo architecture, improve site weight and site in the major search engine rankings. 2, the assessment of keywords, the preparation of web pages SEO element optimization program and is responsible for implementation. 3, is responsible for the site content, architecture and code optimization, analysis of search engine traffic. 4, with the third-party website traffic, data, backlinks or services exchange, increase traffic and visibility of the site;